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Arch Dimensions: 97x52x47cm

Material: Natural Hardwood

9 Hardwood Dowels



The Children’s Arch is a great multi-functional play equipment item for your child. Keep your kids entertained for hours with this fun filled toy! The Arch can be used as climbing play equipment and can also be flipped over to use as a rocker. With safety handles for your child to grip, your little ones will be delighted by the simple yet exciting rocking motion of the Arch.

Playing with the children’s Arch will certainly help your child’s ongoing physical development. It helps kids to understand body balance and motion through space. Children’s Arch will also allow them to assess risk because of its movement. It even helps in mastering new skills in climbing as well as improving balance and physical coordination. These skills are very important for your child to learn as it will reduce the chances of falling and injuring themselves. This prepares them to develop core muscle strength, allowing them to be more stable during movement. The Arch is a highly popular play equipment item to support your child’s gross motor development.

The Arch is made out of high-quality hardwood and offers long term durability. So, your kids can enjoy playing with the Arch for many years to come.

This Arch will also enable your child to have fun with other kids on a play date. It will help them to make friends and develop social skills while having fun. Your little Climber will find new ways to play with the Arch over and over again.

You can combine this Arch with our other play equipment in many ways to create your own fun playground at home!


Arch Product Dimensions: 97x52x47cm
Material: Natural Hardwood
9 Hardwood Dowels