Cricket Bat – English Willow Grade 4

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Ages: 8+


  • One Grade 4 Cricket Bat


Cricket bat Grade 4 is made of highest quality English willow and hand crafted with perfection. As we all know, English willow is the best wood available to make cricket bat. It is light weight and is also known for being tough and shock resistant. English willow grows across England, however it has been best grown in regions in and around Essex.

Our Cricket bat Grade 4 doesn’t dent or splinter greatly on impact from a cricket ball hitting it at a high speed. It provides the strength and compression needed along with being springy.

A grade 4 Cricket bat performs well like other grades. Any number of grains are possible with it, often being 4 grains. The willow containing butterfly stains are very strong and has a unique place in the world of the batmaker. The Cricket bat grade 4 is special as no two bats will look exactly the same. However, this will not affect the play as the playing surface will always be smooth.

For ages 8+ years.

Cricket Bat Grade 4 English Willow Includes:

  • One Grade 4 Cricket Bat


Dimensions: Length: 85cm  Width:11cm  Depth: 6cm

Size: SH