Family Croquet Set

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Big fan of  Croquet, this Premium Croquet packed with all these essentials comes with even a carry bag. It includes Vanished Croquet Set, 4 Mallets: 23 x DIA6.3cm, 4 Handle: 81 x DIA2.5cm, 4 Balls, 9 Wickets: 16 x 24cm, 2 Stakes: 61 x DIA2.5cm, 4 Corner Flags, Heavy Duty Carry Bag and Rules Included.

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Big fan of  Croquet, this Family Croquet Set is packed with all these essentials and even comes with a carry bag.

Croquet Set Premium is a sport that involves hitting your colour ball through the metal wickets with a course layout on your backyard/court. Starting at the starting post each player tries to get their colour ball completely through the metal hoop course displayed in the rules, in achieving a successful shot they then receive an extra shot every-time you pass through a hoop. The winning of the game is the first person to hit the finishing post. In doing so you have to go through 9 hoops & hit 2 posts. The more players you have the harder the game becomes.


Family Croquet Set includes:

  • Vanished Croquet Set
  • 4 Mallets:23x DIA6.3cm
  • 4 Handles 4 different sized handles 90,80,70,60cm
  • 6 Wickets
  • 4 Balls
  • 2 Stakes:
  • 4 Corner Flags
  • Rules Included


Croquet is one of the oldest games still played this day dating back to the mid 1800’s. Originated from England & still very popular within every household community. Croquet was a one-off Olympic sport in 1900 & reached the South Pole in 2005 when American scientists became the first to play a game there.

Family Croquet Set is a great game to entertain friends, family, guest at an event, wedding, Xmas parties, Local competition, fundraisers or a family day out in the park.



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Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 91 × 28 × 19 cm

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