Magnetic Bottle Opener

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Magnetic Bottle Opener measures 20x8x5.5cm & has hidden magnetic catch that holds over 60 bottle caps. Install quickly on any magnetic surface or to the wall with the two adhesive tape  on the backside. Multi-step finishing process for maximum protection. Made with furniture grade walnut wood. Handcrafted in the Australia.

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Magnetic Bottle Opener

Magnetic Bottle Opener is a bottle opener you attach on your wall and as you open beer bottles, a magnet catches the bottle caps as they drop and gather on the mount until you dispose of them.  Now it’s just a matter of getting some friends so that you can bring them over and wow them with your new bottle opener.

The wooden base of this magnetic bottle opener measures 20x8x5.5cm. It includes two adhesive tapes on back panel for easy mounting on a nonmetal surface. This Opener (Wall-mounted and magnetically-mounted) has hidden magnetic catch that holds over 60 bottle caps. You can easily and quickly install this magnetic bottle opener on any magnetic surface or to the wall with the two adhesive tape on the backside. It is made with high quality furniture grade walnut wood with two attractive maple inlays. This magnetic bottle opener is lacquer finished to keep it looking wonderful. It has multi-step finishing process for maximum protection. Also this is handcrafted in Australia.

Keep your bar area neat and clean, while showing off all the brews you love with our Magnetic bottle opener. The amazing everlasting magnet allows for easy one handed operation with magnetic or wall mount. Be ready for everyone to crowd around your bottle opener at the next dinner party, tailgate or barbecue. You don’t need to discover random bottle caps all over your kitchen or lawn after your next party.

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